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About Us


Since April 2000 KOMPSYS Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB), has been a trusted provider of information management and technology services and solutions. Holding a Small Business Administration (8a) designation and operating under a GSA schedule, KOMPSYS proudly serve a diverse set of clients that includes government organizations and private enterprises. KOMPSYS Federal was established in the Washington D.C. area to enable us to focus exclusively on our federal clients and is staffed with specialists in understanding the needs of the Federal Government. With the flexibility and expertise to create unique knowledge management solutions for the Federal Government, we aim to support our clients with unique, secure and cost effective solutions to streamline the business of government.


The KOMPSYS mission is to be the first choice for the Federal Government in technology enabled services and solutions by providing unique, secure and cost effective technology enabled solutions in information management.

Core Values

Integrity –We strive to be a responsible company that is respected and trusted to perform work to the highest standards.

Continual development – We invest in our future by continually striving to foster individual and company growth.

Valued Partner – We make every effort to listen to our clients and incorporate their needs into solutions that will advance the way they work by putting their interests first.

Quality – We hold all of our work up to rigorous standards, both our own and industry quality standards, in order to deliver the best quality products and services to our clients.

Innovation – We encourage continual learning and innovative ideas, to constantly go above and beyond in bringing our clients the best tools for their jobs.

Professionalism – We hire and maintain people with positive attitudes and who understand the value of fostering lasting relationships with clients.


KOMPSYS runs state of the art facilities that are equipped to maintain the highest level of security. Because business runs on information, we strive to protect the vital information of our clients just as they would. That is why our facilities are equipped with digital locks that limit access, 24/7 security monitoring and segmented project areas.


As operations and the systems that support you become increasingly complex, many organizations are finding that the systems we once relied on are not capable of keeping up. Legacy systems are often too small, too outdated to handle much technical functionality, or too fragmented as a result of additions and updates over several years.  

Replacing, updating or integrating current systems can refresh business in a way that will help you realize significant cost savings in maintenance while increasing productivity and reducing risk.

As the government brings in more and better technologies in an effort to increase efficiency, not only innovative ideas and technology are needed, but the right ones. Kompsys is helping to transform the way the government/private sector does business and to invoke positive change by providing IT services/solutions that support unique needs.

Track Record

Our experience includes Network and Telecommunication support services to over ten (10) Federal Government agencies. Our IT services provide the tools for efficient operation of a project or organization that is backed up by experience, best practices and innovative approaches to improving performance. We bring a proven track record that was  gained through past performances (successful campaigns) for defense and civilian agencies including the Army, DOJ, DOT,VA and US Marine Corps. It has been this success in these endeavors that has made us a trusted provider of IT services that support a range of needs.

Experience the benefits of Kompsys IT Solutions:

  • Faster, more integrated communications
  • Highly secured information
  • The ability to meet and exceed government standards
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification (That means: High Quality Solutions For You)