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Document Conversion

With years of experience in government service, KOMPSYS is a trusted partner in meeting federal initiatives for document conversion. Document conversion transforms paper records into exact digital replicas that can be stored or used as organizational knowledge. KOMPSY S offers a full line of conversion services with capabilities to process a wide variety of mediums including paper, film, fiche, maps and drawings. These services are secure and cost effective from end to end, but it is the transparency and accountability delivered with our real time document tracking capabilities that really sets us apart.

Converting documents from paper to digital offers several advantages:

  • Free up physical space
  • Transport and sharing of records becomes effortless when it can be done at the click of a button
  • Meet the Federal Government’s ERM objectives

KOMPSYS follows a standardized technical approach to document conversion, which is designed to achieve secure, accountable and quality service 100% of the time. That approach is:

  • Expert mission needs assessment
  • Reliable package and transportation
  • Secure facilities
  • Transparent box tracking
  • Consistent records keeping and inventory
  • Efficient document preparation
  • High performance document scanning
  • Value added indexing
  • Accurate image QC
  • Short term document storage
  • Quick file requests
  • Dependable export & delivery

A key feature of the document conversion solutions is the automated tracking system (K-Track). This online system provides easy monitoring of records anywhere and at any point during processing. Because documents can be tracked anywhere, K-Track streamlines the request process. However, in the end it is customer service that counts. That is why a Project Manager or Production Manager is always made available to handle urgent requests. Having a real person at your service means that urgent requests are processed within 2 hours.

Our goal during the document conversion process is to minimize processing time while maximizing quality. The high-tech, high-speed scanners used are able to process documents between 120 and 160 pages per minute at 300 DPI, with the potential capacity of well over 500,000 pages per week. Each of these scanners is equipped with advanced paper feeders that reduce double feeding and paper jams. In addition, the capability to scan both sides of a document simultaneously contributes to a minimal processing time.

To maximize investment, KOMPSYS is able to offer both bi-tonal and color image scanning for the same low cost. We are able to do this because our state-of-the-art high speed scanners capture color and black and white documents simultaneously. And to maintain the outstanding quality we consistently strive for during the scanning process, KOMPSYS employs several quality improving measures during the scanning process. Automatic image enhancing features such as de-speckling, skew correction, contrast enhancement and border cropping, are used to create clear, readable images.