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Challenge: USMEPCOM J-6 Information Technology Directorate was looking to develop and maintain its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), e-Records, e-Medical and e-Security systems development and programming initiatives, which would allow them to transform their core applicant processing functions in a web-enabled, net-centric environment.

Background: The United States Military Processing Command (USMEPCOM) is a part of the Department of Defense that processes and tests entrants into the military. The J-6 MEPCOM Information Technology (MIT) Directorate has management oversight and control for all command information management and automation data processing (ADP) services, hardware and software.

Solution: To support the USMEPCOM J-6 Information Technology Directorate’s mission, KOMPSYS provides a comprehensive array of system engineering and technical services (e.g., programming, testing, configuration, installation) to implement, deploy and sustain critical upgrades to the MIRS operating server, applications and forms, medical systems, e-Security and e-Orders. To support the design and management of SOA-based business solutions that implement, populate, and sustain the USMEPCOM Enterprise Architecture, KOMPSYS assembled a team of experienced and skilled resources in the areas of software development, architecture and systems engineering. As a result of our four year partnership with J-6/MIT, KOMPSYS also provides documentation, knowledge transfer, and application implementation and/or configurations services for various legacy/ future systems, and subsystems used to ensure future MIRS/VIPS (Virtual Interactive Operating System) operating stability and viability. Once the systems developed by KOMPSYS were up and running, we have continued to perform activities related to system administration. Both personnel and system performance are monitored to ensure that the architecture solution is meeting project goals. As a result, operating system enhancements are developed, recommended, and implemented that improve system reliability and performance. The long-term requirements of systems operations and administration detailed during the overall information systems planning of the organization mean that we retain the responsibility for the installation, maintenance, configuration, and integrity of computer software. For USMEPCOM KOMPSYS provided E-SOA Development Initiatives in three primary areas: Software Development Architecture Systems Engineering

Software Development: KOMPSYS performs J2EE programming software support by developing and delivering SOA-based business solutions. This includes developing and modifying design applications, as well as and programming and maintaining Java, J2EE, JSP, JavaScripts, HTML, and SQL application components. For these we prepare architectural design documents with detailed SOA design specifications for application components, based on business requirements, software requirements and conceptual designs. Architecture KOMPSYS has provided support in implementing, populating and maintaining the USMEPCOM Enterprise Architecture in support of its initiative to establish ubiquitous interoperability under a Service Oriented Architecture. For this we performed application program design, coding, testing, debugging, quality assurance, and documentation. We currently maintain these applications, in addition to performing maintenance of database dictionaries, overall monitoring of standards and procedures, and integration of systems and subsystems through database design. We further translate conceptual architecture models to logical data models, defining key data standards, and recommending standard data practices in order to deliver conceptual data models that embody the architecture.

Systems Engineering: KOMPSYS provides system engineering/architecture design and management for IT enterprise and system based business solutions. The expertise provided is for existing and future architecture, including server platforms, databases, applications design, development and maintenance, as well as for product evaluation and selection. In developing the design level support solutions, our project staff work with users and other stakeholders. We also support the USMEPCOM architecture team by managing team research and evaluation activities and creating technical documentation of all systems interfaces. In situations where systems or applications need to be scaled up or down, our team plans, tests and implements the changes. KOMPSYS also provides systems engineering and SOA design and management expertise for BEA Systems WebLogic and AquaLogic. We provide design-level support for all BEA AquaLogic User Interaction (ALUI) and AquaLogic Business Process Management (ALBPM) products and their associated development tools and API’s (Application Programming Interface) including the Integration Development Kit (EDK) and native API’s. Our experts further offer guidance and oversight to programmers for building and maintaining these applications and systems in compliance with DoD standards. To protect the data used by these systems, we have helped to develop information assurance measures into the security approach during development.