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Strategic Services Technology by itself does not afford one advantage. Whether you’re a business, branch of government, health, educational or non-profit institution, you have promised something very special to your users and havedistinguished yourself in delivering upon that promise. Technology should make this process easier, more efficient and measurable. KOMPSYS can enhance your professional value by making more relevant the technical assets that support your organization.


Data Services

With most business being done online in today's environment, having information on paper can make knowledge sharing a slow process. Adding to the pain, many of us find that storing and managing all of our information can take up time and space that we can't spare. Converting paper information to digital can facilitate that instantaneous access to information or quick decision making that customers and consumers often require. To help companies and government organizations manage their records and data, KOMPSYS offers information conversion and storage solutions that package information in a way that increases accessibility while freeing up space. Read More →

Infrastructure Audit

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Application Development

LApplication Development is freedom. Just think: Moments after unearthing a brilliant idea, you can enable users in the real world to experience your brilliance and measure the profundity of your creative and scientific brilliance for the wonder that it is…or not! In either event, KOMPSYS specializes in leading the application development concerns for our clients through an integrated approach that accounts for the STRATEGIC goals of the organization, substantial volumes of DATA that informs desired user content and experience and superior programmers adept in the most modern languages and tools in the facilitation of your distinct and value-driven APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT requirements. Read More →

Technology Services

Peace and quiet. These are the two most valuable characteristics of an organization’s IT function. No problems. No challenges. No drama. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of hard work by very skilled people in order to create and maintain such a peace.Through the deployment of a number of best-practices by experienced professionals, KOMPSYS insures that the peace of your network and PC environment, no matter how perceivably “complex” is uninterrupted. Read More →

Optical Network Services

Optical Network Services Fiber is more than just a necessary dietary supplement. It is the quintessential conduit and literally the rich center of the complex circulatory system that is the modern global communications system.

The world has been forever changed by the enriched information and response that is reflected in the Internet, as well as the freedom inherit in the mobile and wireless services that are now ubiquitous elements of any industrialized society. Everyone doesn’t know how these things work. KOMPSYS does. Very well. From conceiving a custom, performance-driven telecommunications STRATEGY, to constructing long-haul and last-mile routes, to managing the optical networks that power these systems, KOMPSYS provides distinctive value to our customers in the design, development and management of carrier-class networks. Read More →